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    Bazinė stotis

    DB316, DB316-POE
    For data exchange between the Elabels and the Hub.

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    Prekės Įvadas

    DB316 is the third-generation wireless base station.

    It is a new Active RFID Fixed base station which implements bidirectional communication between the host system and the new electronic price tags.

    It is produced for SunpaiTag Electronic Shelf Label system and other products.

    SunpaiTag Electronic Price Tag System Overview

    Electronic Shelf Label system consists of elables, server, switches, base stations, Handset and software.

    The product information in the database will be copied from the host computer to the electronic shelf label system application software;

    Then updated prices or other information will be sent via Ethernet (or serial port) to the Base Stations which will then deploy the update throughout the entire store via 2.4GHz wireless transmission.

    Feature and Usage

    Main Features: Wireless communication with ESL(named:electronic price tag) with easy installation, operation of the labels, large signal coverage radius and supports many labels.

    Interface: TCP / IP connection with ESL server, 2.45GHz ISM with ESL labels.

    etiketė Vardas naudojimas
    RX Receieve Data LED Light when data from an ESL is received
    TX Send Data LED Lights when Base Station sends data to ESL
    SYS System status LED Indicates normal system status when flashing once per second
    PWR Power LED Lights when Base station powered
    DC6V Power Port 6VDC Power Connection(DC plug socket)
    LAN Tinklo prievadas Network cable into Base station
    EXT Expansion Por Port to connect one additional Base station

    Compared with base stations of similar nature the DB316 wireless base station has an attractive appearance, ease of installation, and has good structural design, with an IP53 protective environment rating.

    Interface: TCP / IP connection with ESL server, 2.45GHz ISM with ESL labels.

    Base Station Installation

    Metodas Maitinimo aprašymas Jungtys
    Border 1 Maitinimo When the switch does not provide power and external power is required Provide 6V to DC6V socket Connect Ethernet to LAN PORT
    Border 2 POE Switch provides power via Ethernet port Connect POE Ethernet to LAN Port
    Border 3 Kaskada DB316 Base station provides power to next Base station using POE (do not cascade more than one extra Connect POE Switch to LAN Port and connect Base station to EXT Port on second Base station

    Power Supply and Networking Shown in the below figure the DB316 can be powered in three ways:

    Installation Conditions

    Before Installation Check that the product is intact and all attachements arecomplete, if there is damage or missing parts please contact Sunpai Tag promptly.
    Check whether the following installation conditions exist before continuing:
    A) Installation will meet applicable workplace standards.
    B) Complete the required Installation processes.

    Montavimo vieta

    The choice of Base Station position depends on its installation, it should be where possible, in a place free of obstacles that is safe and easy to operate.
    The DB316 Base Station can be mounted on the ceiling and or walls depending on.

    Įdiegimo metodas

    Before Installation: Configure all Base Station IP Addresses (refer software manual for instructions for this step).
    Installation: the Base Station secures with Phillips pan head self-tapping screws connect power cable and Network cable. Typical installation Figures 3-1 and 3-2

    The Frame is the building outline, the view is from the top down with the viewof all the Black dots (which are Base Stations) on the ceiling of the building;
    The Round dotted line circles are the Base Station signal coverage areas, typical coverage depending on the environment is between 15m to 50m in a simple open environment for a single Base Station.

    Figure 3-2 shows the inter Base Station installation distance, the dotted line represents the Base Station wireless signal coverage area;
    Ensure the distance betwen base stations is less than or equal to 20m.

    Atsargumo priemonės

    1. The DB316 power supply shipped has an input range of 100V to 240Vac 360mA please ensure it is able to be supplied with the correct voltage.
    2. Ensure that equipment is grounded.
    3. Check the Base Station and antenna installation position and orientation with respect to the ESL that will be exchanging data.
    4. This product radiates Radio Frequency (RF) energy, the installation andcommissioning personnel should leave at least 30cm between themselves and theantenna in order to meet the FCC requirements for human exposure.
    5. Any radio transmitting equipment, inlcuding this Base Station, can beinterfered with by medical devices without proper protection. If there are problemsseek the medical device manufacturer for advice.
    6. This equipment may cause interference with other electronic devices.

    Key Performance Areas

    Uses 2.4GHz frequency within ISM band, worldwide compatibility Electronic shelf label proprietary wireles protocol to ensure data securitySupports Power over Ethernet(PoE) application e-tagindependent research to specifically support electronic shelf label the ability to cascade Base Stations to reduce installation complexity and cost.

    Temperatūros diapazonas -10°C to +55°C (14°F to +131°F)
    Drėgmės diapazonas 20% iki 95%
    Maitinimo įtampa AC/DC Adapter. Base Station Input Voltage 6VDC, 2.5A
    moduliacija GFSK
    Dažnis 2.4 į 2.4835GHz
    Siųstuvo galia 15dBm
    Receiver Sensitivity [E-pašto apsaugą]%BER
    Antenos VSWR ≤ 1.5:1
    Communication Distance Nuo 15m iki 50m
    Sąsaja TCP / IP connection with ESL server, 2.45GHz ISM with ESL labels
    Maitinimo DC6V, 2.5A Supports 802.3af POE Power Supply
    Budėjimo Aktualus 650mA
    Darbinė srovė 800mA
    Tinklo sąsaja 10/100M Ethernet UDP Protocol
    Išplėtimo sąsaja 10/100M Ethernet expansion port for a single Base Station extension
    IP klasė IP53
    Maximum communication distance 30-50 meters (Line of Sight and open environment)

    Base Station Antenna Radiation Pattern

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