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Pluteus electronicus label

    Novus cibus LCD propono pretium tags

    7 inch LCD screen titulus
    Propter recens area, price possit mutari online by Handheld directe.

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    Product description

    Fresh digital shelf price tags are used for displaying the vegetables, fructus et alia bona nova pretium.

    Support change price directly by handheld HT304. Sic, frequent changes of fresh goods prices will be easy for customers.

    Model: TS825S/TS825D

    Dimensiones: 290*230mm

    Display Size: 170*70 mm (7digitis)

    Pondus682 g*

    Nova Area - The Main Battlefield of The Supermarket

    · Commoditates collegit Hospes: Prope adferte 1/3 of The Passeger Flow, 25% are contribute 35% sales volume
    · Sypermarket Fresh Area Most Able to Reflect The Characteristics of Supermarket Management.
    · to Form The Supermarket Differentiation.
    · Maximum damnum, Low Margin: Amissio non Opportune Markdown Sale causata est 80%

    Solutio - Offline Solution

    · Per Handheld Lector Directe Renova Pretium Recentis Price Tag
    · Sine Docking Cum Ratio ERP, Reduce System Deployment Threshold
    · Very Suitable for The Scene of Temporary Valence Rapid Response
    · Syetem Implementation Period Is Shorter, Minus Superficies


     Communicatio distantia

     15~50 m

     opus Frequency


     Transmit Power


     Operatio Temperature


     Repono Temperature


     Industriae Rating


     Type altilium


     Pugna vitae

     4 annos (renovatio olim per diem)


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