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  • Q:Do you have color label?

    We have black-white display screen label and black-white-red display screen label.

  • Q:Can you make big size label?

    The biggest screen is 7.5inch, other bigger size is not suggested because of big investment.

  • Q:How many stations in a store or supermarket?

    The communicate distance between the base station and label is 15-50m. Height is 7 m. And without any barrier.
    The suggest max label amount for one station is 500 labels, though there is no limited actually.
    Because the labels update one by one, when they connect a same one station. So more stations, more quicker update.

  • Q:Why the base station has bad connection?

    The base station should be installed upside down, because of the signal direction.

  • Q:What is the handheld reader used for?

    The handheld reader mainly job is bind and unbind the label and goods.
    It can scan the goods barcode, and read the label ID by RFID, then bind them, and the label display the price of that goods.
    It would be a help If there are thousands labels in a store.

  • Q:Which operating system supports ESL software, if I install the software, others app can run normally? And is there software on phone?

    ESL software or System can be installed on Windows, cannot support Linux and Mac OS.
    ESL will not affect other app.
    We just have computer ESL software, if you can develop the phone version, we are glad and provide you the webservice.

  • Q:I have no knowledge about how to use the software, will you provide some manual?

    Of course, and our sales and support will help you to use, and we can discuss on skype or whatsapp, by video to show you. I believe you can use it smoothly.

  • Q:The ESL system have other language except English? Because our customers do not speak English.

    The ESL software management system support: English, French, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Korean.
    The screen display language support all, just according to what you input in the database or system. Also your currency.

  • Q:Can the ESL read our goods information automatically?

    The ESL system can read database of goods information automatically.
    Database support: CSV, EXCEL, mySQL, SQL Server, Orade, ODBC.

  • Q:We are POS or ERP system company, we want to integrate the ESL to our system for customers.

    Ok, we have webservice for that, and engineer will help to explain some question if meet any problem. And one of our cooperators finished his POS & ESL integration.

  • Q:I have some branches, is it possible to manage the different branches stations and labels in one head office?

    Yes, and you must have the external network server, and config the branches stations to connect the head server, our engineer will help it.

  • Q:Why I order from you?

    Because all of the questions below are inputted by myself, according to my service experiences.

And more questions, please contact us, we will summarize and update on here. Thank you so much.

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